flower csa


As a member of our CSA, each week you will receive a lush bouquet of the most beautiful flowers in the field that very day. You get to experience the changing of the seasons and bring some natural cheer into your home. You are supporting a unique local business with a commitment to the environment and creativity. As a CSA member you are supporting community. You will be receiving your flowers out of the hand of the person that grew them. You will know your farmer!

If you find yourself buying flowers at the grocery store every week, this CSA is for you! Our flowers are fresher. They are cut the day you receive them, rather than spending several days in a box and on an airplane. They are more unique. Our flowers are a reflection of our place on the earth and moment in the seasons. They have a positive impact on the land. Our flowers leave a smaller carbon footprint and are grown using organic farming principles.

Our CSA shares are 6 weeks long each, and they make a perfect gift for a friend or yourself with the option to only have a short commitment of 6 weeks. You can sign up for multiple shares in a row if you wish to receive flowers for a longer period of time. 


early spring csa 

March-mid april

late spring csa

Mid April-May

early summer csa

June-mid July

late summer csa

September -mid October

pickups are on wednesday each week at the farm in sharpsburg, GA