Wildcraft Flowers celebrates the wild, seasonal beauty of flowers.

Our flower farm produces a variety of sustainably grown cut-flowers for the flower-lover, florist, and retailer.  Our floral designs are inspired by the garden, field, and forest, displaying a romantic, untamed aesthetic.


Wildcraft Flowers is owned and operated by wife and husband, Carroll and Richard Candler in Sharpsburg, Georgia on land that recently came back to the family after several decades. Carroll and Richard's shared passion for botany, and love of holistic agriculture led them on the journey to starting their farm-florist operation. Carroll, with an eye for detail and love of the inherent beauty in nature, fell in love with flower arranging using wild and garden plants. 

Motivated by our commitment to the wild plant and animal community in which we live, Wildcraft Flowers uses holistic practices to grow all of our flowers. We are proud members of the slow flower movement, which promotes a shift in the cut-flower industry towards seasonal, ethically grown, American produced flowers. We are constantly aware of our impact on our environment and strive to manage our land in a way that can benefit all creatures alike. As our name suggests, we love to gather wild plants for use in our flower arrangements. We always harvest wild plants responsibly in order to preserve and protect our native flora. We also spend a portion of our time restoring native plant communities and wildlife habitat on our flower farm and homestead.

We believe in preserving land through sustainable agriculture, in protecting native ecosystems, in hard work, in living a healthy and active life, and in the uplifting power of beautiful things. All of this motivates us to grow flowers.