Flowers are wild. We respect that.

We grow them naturally. No synthetic chemicals before or after harvest. No over-bred varieties that have lost the softness and scent of a wildflower. They have not been traveling for days out of water. Our flowers our fresh. They are in season.

Our farm

Wildcraft Flower Farm is a 5 acre piece of land where we grow our flowers in the field, in the woods, and in greenhouses. Our farm is hilly and flat, open and wooded. A small, but diverse piece of land, it has encouraged us to think outside the box when choosing what to grow. In addition to everyone's favorite blooms and higher-end specialty flowers, we offer an unusual collection of perennial and annual flowers, seed-pods, branches, and fruits. Our business's small size allows us to grow not just flowers that are commercially popular, but all the perfectly amazing lesser known plants that make excellent cut-flowers and can set a florist's arrangement apart from the others. 

Our commitment

Flowers from Wildcraft Flower Farm are certified cnaturally grown, meaning they have not been treated with any harmful chemicals before or after harvest. We grow our flowers from the ground up, focusing on soil fertility as a key element in producing healthy flowers. We don't simply have a cleared piece of land on which we cultivate flower fields, but we maintain an ecosystem of native habitats in order to have a diverse community of insects and animals which help balance pest pressure. And above all we wish to be good stewards of our land.