Wildcraft Flowers is inspired by wildflowers. We love their intricasies, their looseness, their wildness. Our designs reflect what we see in nature, celebrating their beautiful irregularities and distinctive details.


Wildcraft Flowers believes there is no better way to celebrate than with seasonal flowers. Flowers are ephemeral in their nature. They reflect everything about the exact time and place in which they exist. Seasonal flowers have that inherent connection to you and your place in time that make them the most fitting. They never look contrived or out of place. They are exactly where they are supposed to be, making the design of your wedding feel just right.

We strive to be as seasonal as possible with our designs, choosing local and regional flower options first. Supplemental flowers can be sourced from other American growers. We never import flowers. Instead we choose to support our local and national economies. We choose to lessen our fossil fuel footprint by not shipping from overseas. We support the more strict worker protection and safety laws of the United States. Our ultimate goal, as our own farm grows and as other flower farmers pop up around the region, is to source all of our flowers entirely from local sustainable farms. So, join the seasonal flower movement and support your local flower growers!

Full Service Floral Design

Wildcraft Flowers offers floral design services that cover every flower element in your wedding or other event. We work with you to develop a design that reflects your personality and dreams you have for your celebration. We want the flowers for your event to be just right for you so we work together make this happen, whether this means you want local and seasonal flowers, or that you have a dream for a certain beautiful aesthetic. With your design and any favorite flowers in mind we select the best of what's seasonally available the week of your wedding. It means your wedding will have the best of the season and be truly unique. 

Wedding Party Flowers

Lots of couples take the DIY route and have friends and families design centerpieces together. This is a great option for a tight budget and can be fun, but personal flowers are often too complicated and time consuming. We offer the option of creating just the personal flowers and leaving the rest up to you.

The process

If you are interested in Wildcraft Flowers doing the floral design for your event send Carroll an email at wildcraftfloral@gmail.com with a little bit of information about you and your partner, and your event. Please include the event date, the design option (from above) that you are interested in, and any other information that you think is important for us to know. From there we can schedule a consultation and get into the details and dreams of your event and then come up with an estimate and design plan. 



We source our flowers from our own farm, from local or regional sustainable farms, and from domestic growers. We support and are part of the slow flower movement. Read more about our flowers and our growing practices here.


Green floral design

Sourcing local and American grown flowers over imported products means we reduce our fossil fuel impact on the environment. We also do our best to reduce waste by choosing to use reusable design materials over disposable items like floral foam and plastic liners.

marriage equality

We strongly support the right for all couples to marry and are excited to provide our services to all.